Laura Johnson, REALTOR®

Laura Johnson, REALTOR®
Harry Norman, REALTORS®

Community Events

East Cobb Open Networking

East Cobb Open Networking

There is no cost to network but you are welcome to purchase breakfast off of the menu. Be sure to bring Business Cards.

Friday D&D AL Game @ Giga-Bites Cafe (Table assignment pending)

The Atlanta Gamers Guild

This is a special Friday session of a regular Tuesday night summer AL game to replace the now-cancelled session on June 23rd. The ongoing game is comprised primarily of dads, kids, and teachers that typically meets on Sundays during the school...

Minicon 2019 at Sewell Mill Library and Cultural Center

The Maker Station

The Maker Station will be at Minicon showing off a Delta 3D Printer and collaborating with the DragonCon Alternate History track demo'ing Splendid Teapot Racing! Bring the whole family to celebrate comics and pop culture at Sewell Mill Library &...

Recent Posts

Bargain Hunters

“Hey Laura, can you find me a house in a great location for a really low price that I can just fix up and sell for $100,000 profit?” Of course I can. I can find you a house that needs renovation (there are plenty of those on the market!), but you’ll have to sacrifice the […]



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