Laura Johnson, REALTOR®

Laura Johnson, REALTOR®
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MLK Hike: Kennesaw Mountain from Burnt Hickory Parking Lot (7 miles)

Happy Trails in Georgia

About a 7 mile hike, moderate pace. We'll start from the Burnt Hickory parking lot and hike the Pigeon Hill Trail over Little Kennesaw, climb up over Kennesaw Mountain to the visitors center and back around on the Camp Bumby Trail to the New...

Monday AL Madness or maybe some home brew (Tier 3 or 4)

The Atlanta Gamers Guild

High Level AL game with talks of home BrewSign on to waiting list due to regulars hav spots alreadyMost Likely Mark H DMing Tier 4 action

Wine and The Word

Wine and The Word

Bring yourself and even a friend!

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Bargain Hunters

“Hey Laura, can you find me a house in a great location for a really low price that I can just fix up and sell for $100,000 profit?” Of course I can. I can find you a house that needs renovation (there are plenty of those on the market!), but you’ll have to sacrifice the […]



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