Laura Johnson, REALTOR®

Laura Johnson, REALTOR®
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Community Events

Tuesday Night Board Gaming Meetup
12-11-18 7:00 pm - Successful Life Coaching Center
Giga-Bites Tabletop Cafe - Marietta Board Gaming

Tuesday is our weekly board gaming meetup. Bringing any games or have a game you're itching to get to the table? Let us know here! Also, give us an idea of what time you plan to show up. We usually have 8 to 12 people on Tuesdays so don't let the...

Life Group Meeting
12-11-18 7:00 pm - Successful Life Coaching Center
Women Living Well Life Group

Topic: Strongholds and Soul TiesClass starts at 7:10 promptly. Please arrive by 7p. Feel free to bring a notebook, pen and coffee,soda, etc. Water bottles will be available.

Women Living Well Group
12-11-18 7:00 pm - Successful Life Coaching Center
Vinings Professional Women of Color Support Group/Meetup

Recent Posts

Bargain Hunters

“Hey Laura, can you find me a house in a great location for a really low price that I can just fix up and sell for $100,000 profit?” Of course I can. I can find you a house that needs renovation (there are plenty of those on the market!), but you’ll have to sacrifice the […]



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