Laura Johnson, REALTOR®

Laura Johnson, REALTOR®
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How To Get and Keep The Right Tenants For Your Rentals with Pam Storm

Atlanta Real Estate Investors Alliance - Atlanta REIA

How To Get and Keep The Right Tenants For Your Rentals. One of the ways to wealth in real estate is to purchase properties and then allow renters to move in and pay for the property instead of you. However, there can be some headaches if you...

Monday Night AL Maddness

The Atlanta Gamers Guild

Adventure League Modules and Hard coversStarting with tier 3 this week

NW Atlanta (OTP) Mindfulness Meditation

Sunday Assembly Atlanta

The purpose of this meditation group is to support each other in developing (and continuing!) our own mindfulness meditation practices and, in a more general sense, to actively build community, one of the core features of Sunday Assembly, in the...

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Bargain Hunters

“Hey Laura, can you find me a house in a great location for a really low price that I can just fix up and sell for $100,000 profit?” Of course I can. I can find you a house that needs renovation (there are plenty of those on the market!), but you’ll have to sacrifice the […]



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