Laura Johnson, REALTOR®

Laura Johnson, REALTOR®
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Author: Laura Johnson

Bargain Hunters

“Hey Laura, can you find me a house in a great location for a really low price that I can just fix up and sell for $100,000 profit?” Of course I can. I can find you a house that needs renovation (there are plenty of those on the market!), but you’ll have to sacrifice the […]

But MY house is Special…

I appreciate each and every person who asks me to give them my opinion on selling their home. In fact, when you invite me into your home for a listing appointment, rest assured, I have done my research. I know the asking price and sale price of every house in your area, and especially those that […]

You Get What You Pay For

We all just love a bargain, don’t we? We want the absolute most we can get for as cheap as we can get it. That is probably why outlet malls are magnets for bargain hunters, as are garage sales and estate sales. But it is important to understand that quality products and services are simply […]


Yesterday, I had the opportunity to preview three very different houses, all just off the Marietta Square, all built in eras approximately 40 years apart: 1925, 1960, and 2001. Yet the one similarity I noticed was their use of patterns. I have included a few photos as inspiration (either pro or con). But before you […]


How responsive is your real estate agent? For example, does your agent return your call within an hour? Does your agent keep you updated on the status of the property you are either buying or selling? Does your agent return other agents’ calls promptly? Does your agent only take and return calls during certain hours […]

Strings Attached

I have a friend who recently graduated from law school with a student loan debt of well over $200,000, which leaves very little room to save for a house. To her credit, she has not asked for money from her parents, and even if they offered, she would graciously decline. Why, you may ask? Because […]

Considering New Construction?

I have always had this guilty pleasure of checking out new construction homes. I love traipsing through dirt piles to get to whatever door is open, imagining what the spaces are meant to be, and critiquing the selections the builder or homeowner has made. If you don’t mind chatting with the agent on duty, the […]

Closets and Clutter

By a show of hands, how many of you have parents or grandparents that grew up during the Great Depression? My grandparents did, and I think it’s safe to say that they would were hoarders, especially Grandma. When Grandma died, her children were saddled with the task of cleaning out everything that she had saved […]

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