Laura Johnson, REALTOR®

Laura Johnson, REALTOR®
Harry Norman, REALTORS®

But MY house is Special…

I appreciate each and every person who asks me to give them my opinion on selling their home. In fact, when you invite me into your home for a listing appointment, rest assured, I have done my research. I know the asking price and sale price of every house in your area, and especially those that are similar to yours.

Meeting you in your home allows me to adjust my opinion of the best list price based on the updates and condition of your home. I want you to tell me everything you’ve done to improve your home – from gutters to waterproofing to light fixtures. Likewise, I want to know the flaws, even the hidden ones (trust me – I see the floral wallpaper from 1985 – you do not need to point it out, you just need to tell me when you’re going to strip it).

I understand that your home is special, and to you, it is worth far more than all the others. (You spent how much on your basement and you expect to recoup the cost? Alas, that is a topic for another day.)

But my job is to sell your house as quickly as possible for the best possible terms. So please do not be offended when I explain why your house will sell within a certain price range rather than your best guestimate based on how you feel about your home. My professional opinion comes from diligent, thorough research of your particular micro-market, while considering what a buyer is actually willing to pay for the improvements (or lack thereof) to your house.

If you choose to hire another agent because they will list your house at the price you feel it is worth, I will certainly respect your decision.

And then, I will quietly take note of the length of time your “but-mine-is-different” house sits on the market until you lower the price, and lower it again, and then settle for whatever you can get because it’s been stigmatized for sitting on the market (a “seller’s market” no less) for months.

In other words, I’ll be truthful and honest with you, even if it costs me the listing.

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