Laura Johnson, REALTOR®

Laura Johnson, REALTOR®
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You Get What You Pay For

We all just love a bargain, don’t we? We want the absolute most we can get for as cheap as we can get it. That is probably why outlet malls are magnets for bargain hunters, as are garage sales and estate sales.

But it is important to understand that quality products and services are simply worth the extra cost.

For example, would you trust a cardiologist who offers to discount your mother’s heart bypass surgery? What if the doctor offers a guarantee such as, “If your mother dies during surgery, you only pay for the surgical instruments!” Admit it – you would laugh at the audacity of that cardiologist and immediately move on to someone with integrity; someone who would tell you the truth about the risks involved and the outcome expected.

It is no different in real estate! If an agent offers to buy your house when it doesn’t sell within a certain period of time, make sure you fully understand that agent’s conditions. Likewise, if an agent guarantees your house will sell within a set period of time or you won’t pay a commission, beware. An article from Inman explains these slippery tactics that some top-producing agents use:

The most common tactic an agent may use is to reduce their commission. For example, “If you list with me, I’ll only charge you 5% commission.” It sounds great, but what are you sacrificing? Marketing? Exposure? Experience? Will they take the photos of your house with their iPhone, or will they hire a professional photographer? Will they create their own “flyer” from their home office printer (the one they got for a bargain six years ago that still works just fine)? Or will this discount agent use a marketing professional to create high-quality brochures? In other words, why exactly is this wonderful agent under-valuing their services to you?

Did the agent even get out of the car to take this photo?

Professional photography pays off!

Keep in mind, not all bargains are worth the sacrifice!

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